Electrical installation

Our team of certified electricians has a lot of experiences in different fields of industrial installation (robotics, conveyor sorting system, machinery installation).


With knowledge ranging from installing cable trays to cabling power supply and EM components we can take over complete work cells or area of facility.


Our team of electricians is competent for connection of EM components and cabinets into complete functioning system by local, customers and manufacturers standards.


Our certified team of electricians is competent for realisation of electrical measurements by customers and manufacturers standards following local legislations.

Power up

Following local legislations and with customer cooperation we are able to overtake power up of the system or machine in EU area.


We provide you with assistance until final acceptance by the customers. As commissioning phase plays major role in the project completion it is important to choose personnel with knowhow of the system in its details.


Periodical or daily maintenance is essential for long time system operation. We can assist our customers with technicians for mechanical and electrical maintenance tasks