Mechanical Installation

Our team of technicians is able to disassemble and assemble equipment, organize and lead smaller to bigger teams of technicians in field of industrial installation.

Assembly of machines and equipment

Organization of daily tasks, self-quality control, following customer specifications and quality criteria, site logistics, communication with customer. All of this things will ensure you will have a satisfied customers in many sectors.

Relocation of machinery

We are able to dismantle, relocate and reassemble machinery of small to large format

  • packaging and preparation for transport
  • micro logistics on the job site: loading, unloading
  • organization of heavy duty lifting equipment
  • organization of heavy duty transport


Our certified personnel is able to weld in several techniques, depending on tasks and materials.

  • (MMA) Arc welding
  • (MIG/MAG) Gas Metal Arc welding

High pressure piping

As part of mechanical installation we are offering high pressure piping installation with option of layout planning and material supply

Steel constructions

Our team of steel workers is able to cut, weld and assemble steel constructions of small to big volume.

Mechanical running test

As part of mechanical installation, our technicians can be present in MRT phase of installation to contribute to faster and effective project realization


We provide you with assistance until final acceptance by the customers. As commissioning phase plays major role in the project completion it is important to choose personnel with knowhow of the system in its details.

Practical running test

Our team can also be present during a practical running test. As the last changes have been made at this stage of the project, we can support the customer’s technical team with knowledge of the system.


Periodical or daily maintenance is essential for long time system operation. We can assist our customers with technicians for mechanical and electrical maintenance tasks.

Ventilation systems

We supply and perform installation on all types of ventilation and filtration systems in industry. We advise customers on the selection of suitable equipment according to the scope of work and regulations in the sector.

  • separation of flammable or even explosive ATEX materials (aluminum, copper or flour)
  • discharge of carcinogenic gases (stainless steel)
  • discharge of gases generated during metal processing by welding, soldering, laser cutting
  • filtration of fine oils, emulsion mists and aerosols for the purpose of reducing fire, hazards and neutralizing unpleasant odors
  • suction chambers
  • cleaning stations for metal mesh filters

Industrial cleaning

We offer industrial customers maintenance and cleaning solutions to maintain equipment and facilities. Work is carried out either continuous or during shutdowns or handover after installation.
GROSEKGROUP has cutting-edge expertise and specialised, high-performance equipment to carry out operations such as:

  • work on industrial sites during technical shutdowns
  • high pressure and very high pressure cleaning
  • hydroblasting, cryogenic cleaning
  • suction of powder products
  • pumping and emptying (tanks, sumps, oil separator, washing bays, etc.
  • installation and replacement of oil separators
  • disinfection
  • cutting up tanks