Project management

Do you need a realistic budget calculation on products to be installed on the customers location and you do not know the local market, legislations, customers or pricing in the sector? Do not worry!

Scope and budget calculations

Our project team has a long history in many sectors of industrial installation. We can assist you in a realistic budget calculations, personnel and deliveries planning, specification finalization and finding flaws on the project. We can see in a lot of cases that project management with emphasis on real case scenarios is the key to the successful project. With that in mind, flaws and budget losses can be easily avoided.

Material supply

With a wide network of suppliers we can assist you with material supply at competitive prices. Supply can vary from elementary materials (metal, wood, plastic), small material (screwing material, cables) to mechanical and electrical components or complete machines.

Technical supervision

Our lead technicians are able to organize and lead smaller to bigger teams of technicians in field of mechanical and electrical installation.

Organization of daily tasks, quality control, following customer specifications and quality criteria, site logistics, communication with customer. All of this things will ensure you will have a satisfied team of technicians and customer.


Our site team can partially or fully assist handover procedure of your system to the customer. By the predefined ‘’point by point’’ procedure we are able to locate flaws and finalize the project with positive feedback from the customer.